LoopTube: Loop YouTube - repeat & slow down video segments. Practice musical phrases, solos on guitar and all instruments.

You can repeat all or any part of a YouTube video by setting start and end points. Once you have set a looping phrase, slow down the speed and repeat the loop to learn and practice. You can then move the looping segment forward by the same time-slice and practice the next part of a song.

Save loops and return to them later, double or half the loop length at the click of a button and share your loops with friends by simply copying the URL and sending it. LoopTube is a great tool for learning music, practicing solos, sampling for beats, dance, language, sports and more.

Loop a segment of a YouTube video. Tap start and end points. Slow it down. Practice!

Tap to set start & end points then learn by looping a segment of the youtube video and slow it down

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