LoopTube is a looper for YouTube videos.

You can repeat any part of a video by setting start and end points. Once you have set a looping phrase, slow it down and use the loop to learn and practice. You can then move the looping segment on by the same time-window and practice the next part of a song.

What is Looptube?

I created Looptube as a tool to help musicians practice and learn pieces of music by ear by slowing them down and isolating loops of phrases to practice. This repetition allows users to master the most difficult of musical phrases. Great for piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin or any instrument! I hope the tool can also be useful beyond music, helping people practice different skills and loop entertaining portions of a youtube video.

My inspiration for this app comes from great tools I've discovered when learning music on guitar, trumpet, piano, banjo and mandolin. Amazing Slow Downer has some of the best functionality I've seen. Audacity has been good for isolating loops but takes a lot of effort. Tunepal is a great app for learning midi and abc tunes. The convenience of YouTube is what I wanted, where users can easily find a version of a tune and quickly load it in looptube.


I plan to continue adding features to looptube.
  • User can save loops
  • User can share loops
  • User can download to home screen on mobile (PWA)
  • User can paste in youtube ID or URL
  • User can push the loop back and forward
  • User can double or half loop length
  • User can embed the tool in their own site
  • User can search youtube within the app
  • User can see most popular loops
  • User can login and save videos and loops
  • User can load music from spotify
  • User can see audio waveform

Embed on your site

You can embed the tool on your side by adding it as an iFrame!
Make sure you replace "YOUTUBE_ID_HERE" with a valid Youtube ID

  <iframe width="600" height="600" src="https://www.looptube.xyz/embed?vid=YOUTUBE_ID_HERE&theme=dark" 
  title="Looptube video looper" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture" 
  allowfullscreen ></iframe>
This app is in development - please contact brian@tunesource.net for any feedback / queries.

You can save this site to your homescreen on your phone and use it like an app.
On iOS: use safari and select "Add to Home Screen"
On Android: use chrome or android browser and fine the menu option "Install App"