LoopTube is a looper for YouTube videos.

You can repeat any part of a video by setting start and end points. Once you have set a looping phrase, slow it down and use the loop to learn and practice. You can then move the looping segment on by the same time-window and practice the next part of a song.

Tempo 100%

How to use LoopTube

How to loop a YouTube video

Use the search input at the top to enter the Youtube video URL or just paste the video ID. The video should load and then you can start looping.

  • Hit the Start button to set the start point of the loop (or keyboard shortcut s ).
  • Then hit the End button to set the end point of the loop (or keyboard shortcut e ).
  • You can use the + or - buttons to fine tune the start and end points for a perfect loop.
  • You can also drag the green markers on the timeline that show the start and end points of the loop.
  • The buttons on the next row allow you to shift the loop back or forward the same length
  • Or you can half the loop time or double it
  • You might want to slow down the loop then, so adjust the tempo bar to a speed that allows you to practice the loop at your own pace
  • You can save the YouTube video loop and come back to it later (this saves on your own browser so you'll need to come back to the same browser to find it
  • You can also share the loop or bookmark it with the share button or just copy the URL as it will store the start and end points

Keyboard Shortcuts

start loop
end loop
restart loop
clear loops
shift back
shift fwd
half time
double time
start down
start up
end down
end up